Sunday, January 10, 2010

Philippines katrina halili affair Katrina Halili and a doctor scandal staggering Philippines and Malaysia. Malaysians DVD movie fans are now chasing a sensational new DVD, which shows the action of sex scandals fotomodel doctor famous beauty and the Philippines.

In a pirated DVD's, Dr. Hayden Kho appear, plastic surgery specialists who have been subscribed to many celebrities, who caught recording an intimate relationship with one of the main patient,Sexy asian model Katrina Halili. They both appeared in an affair erotic dance and semi-naked.

The retailers on DVD in the streets selling pirated recordings was worth RM15 (S $ 6.20) per chip.

Today I sold 30 pieces, said the seller of pavement. That figure is higher, even compared to DVD bootleg porn movies. "Many are asking because although there on the internet, not everyone can access it," said the merchant.

With the title 'The Philippines version of Edison Chen, for a scandal reminiscent of the Hong Kong actor Edison Chen, Dr DVD retailers. Kho - Katrina Halili hawking a DVD cover showing sexy36 woman and male model whose face was replaced by Dr. Kho's face as the face of the female models are Katrina Halili, who is also known as model "brave" and the actress's film "heat" in the country's neighbor.

The hot video along the 113-minute show "attraction" sex video clips Dr Kho with two models, also known as pasiennya.2 of tose models known as the finalists election Pegeant danbintang top model ads.
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