Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Victoria Beckham in sexy black lingerie fashionVictoria Beckham Shown with Sexy Lingerie ,Many assess if Victoria Beckham's body was very thin and not attractive. But look past the latest pictures of Victoria with underwear. Sexy!

David Beckham's wife was photographed in order to promote lingerie model outputs latest Emporio Armani fashion house.

In black and white photograph that was launched the Daily Mail quoted detikhot Saturday , see the mother of 3 children were laid shoulders and upper back on the mattress while her hands. Victoria knees resting on the floor that makes the curve of her body, especially in the abdomen to be sexy.

Victoria dressed in two pieces and a pair of high heels.Not this time only 'Posh Spice' pose like that. Some time ago, she and her husband, photographed half-naked also to promote the clothing in the latest designer Armani's work. Both were cited for earning 32 million pound sterling, or about Rp 660 billion to be signed to model Armani
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